The Chronicles of Cadillac Dave: True Confessions of a Drug Kingpin is based on the true-life story of a large-scale drug dealer in the 1970s counterculture. This first-person chronicle is a cross between a contemporary Catcher in the Rye and a counterculture Forrest Gump.

Defying conventional genre classification, Cadillac Dave is a mixture of action adventure story, true crime expose, and sociopolitical commentary, written as an autobiographical narrative by an Old West-type outlaw. It abundantly delivers on the promise of its subtitle: true confessions of real life events

This is the nitty-gritty hard-core reality of a life lived outside the law, with all the thrills, perils and sorrows that go with it. The protagonist Johnny Walker, an alienated youth hardened by social rejection, struggles to define himself in a bid for unlimited personal freedom. In keeping with the spirit of his age, the personal truly does become political as he embraces the newly emergent Youth Revolution and the underground counterculture. 

The patriots who founded America believed passionately in personal liberty, to the point that one of their most famous mottoes was Live Free or Die, and young Johnny Walker embraces that philosophy to a more radical degree than most. He starts out as an idealistic, newly turned-on college hippie who just wants to get high and get laid, but he quickly moves from one dangerous stage to another in his quest for personal freedom. 

Escaping from prison and becoming a fugitive drug smuggler, he eventually assumes the “Alias” Cadillac Dave. As big money from drug trafficking flows freely through his life in the fast lane, Dave becomes what the Feds call a Kingpin. But in the process he grows addicted to gorgeous women, flashy cars and sparkling cocaine. He also moves into a brutal world of deception, danger and death, a world very different from the peace, love and brotherhood he initially envisioned.

In the end, Dave’s determination to “Live Free or Die” drives him to a crucial point of decision and forces him to turn to spiritual sources far more powerful than himself. After surrealistic encounters of the potentially fatal kind in the supernatural realm, Dave discovers the ultimate secret weapon.

What will the reader learn from this book?

Readers who complete The Chronicles of Cadillac Dave will learn a variety of interesting factoids, including:

  •  What every Playboy Bunny knew in the 1970s;
  • The subtle propaganda agenda of the Big Brother police state;
  • How to live undetected as a fugitive flying under the radar;
  • The big lies and true goals behind the War on Drugs;
  • The two universal truths about consumer cocaine dealing;
  • The unlikely link between Voodoo and cocaine smuggling;
  • The mysterious intersection of spiritual and physical realities;
  • The way witches try to secretly control your mind;
  • The most powerful secret weapon in the universe.

The Chronicles of Cadillac Dave will naturally appeal to many Baby Boomers who lived through the tumultuous 1960s and 1970s and thus can identify with Cadillac Dave’s quest for sexual, political and personal freedom.  

Some may feel nostalgia for that wild era of free love and radical social and political change, while younger readers may want to know the truth about those dynamic days from an honest historical perspective. The Chronicles of Cadillac Dave will disappoint neither group. 

The unapologetic tone and politically incorrect treatment of controversial topics will likely garner both acclaim and criticism from a variety of sources.