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All four Volumes are now available for reading just about any way you want them!

Paperback: $17.99 Cadillac Dave's Righteous Deal! $11.99 each

Yes, you can finally snag the story as an ultra-tactile paperback print! Hot off the presses these volumes sport beautifully designed cover art and catchy abstracts that are sure to turn heads and start conversations at your next house party. Paperbacks ship on-demand, directly to your door. This process currently requires a $2.99 shipping and handling charge per book.


Cadillac Dave's Super-Righteous Quantity Discount

chronbundle.pngAll four paperback volumes shipped straight to your door, plus each volume in PDF E-book format for reading on any digital device while you wait for delivery.

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(shipping and handling included)

E-book Formats: $2.99 each

Kindle: The Chronicles e-book can be purchased on the ever-popular online bookstore. E-books purchased on can be read on the Amazon Kindle line of e-reader devices.

Nook: Barnes & Noble now rivals the Kindle store with it's own e-book reader, called the Nook. So of course, you can enjoy Dave's Chronicles if you own this fun little device as well.

PDF: For all other Digital Reading Devices, The Chronicles have been translated into a DRM-Free Portable Document Format. Any computer and most smartphones can display PDF documents seamlessly. This can be thought of as a generic E-book format for use on all devices, including your iPad!