The Essential Cadillac Dave Reader

"The Essential Cadillac Dave Reader" is a one-volume condensed version of the original four-volume set, "The Chronicles of Cadillac Dave: True Confessions of a Drug Kingpin." This book chronicles the true life saga of a hapless hippie's long trek through the drugs, sex and rock 'n roll counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s. The most vital elements selected from 830-plus pages of the first four books are collected into one handy and accessible volume containing 454 hard-hitting and fast-paced pages.

Ebook: $8.99

Paperback: $24.99  $16.99 (plus $2.99 s+h)

Johnny Walker is a troubled college kid who just wants to get high and get laid, but his whirlwind counterculture foray carries him through the Youth Revolution, antiwar protests and a psychedelic summer road tour of rock festivals. When police mistake Johnny for a drug kingpin, their sneaky entrapment scheme accidentally launches the biggest marijuana smuggling operation in West Texas. From those innocuous beginnings, Johnny's quixotic quest for personal freedom carries him into a world of danger deception and death, very different from the peace, love and brotherhood he initially envisioned. By the time he turned 28, Johnny had been in prison three times and escaped once, operating openly in Atlanta nightclubs under the "Alias" of Dave Jackson.

Released against all odds through the efforts of his team of high-powered Atlanta lawyers, the former fugitive drug smuggler starts dealing all over again, armed with nothing but his knowledge and his nerve. Pretty soon he's handling tons of Colombian pot and the finest flake cocaine in Miami. He has a witchy Atlanta dealer chick as his new partner and life is looking good, until a series of gruesome murders brings down more heat than he can handle. He is getting vibed-in to strange spiritual forces he never knew existed before, but can they help him overcome his mounting legal problems? Eventually, finding an unexpected Mafia connection leads Johnny to take a new path. But the course he chooses brings him into conflict with supernatural forces he never saw coming. Walking a thin line between the Devil and imminent destruction, Johnny snaps under the strain. Miraculously he survives the satanic encounter but his psyche is shattered. A new lover gives him a clue to the hidden secret weapon that can defeat his enemies and solve his legal problems. But the price is outrageously high. will he be able to pay it?

Exploring the Law of Unintended Consequences, this politically incorrect true life memoir deals candidly and unapologetically with the crime and passion, danger and adventure, greed and betrayal that characterized the real underground drug counterculture. If you are offended by frank depictions of human sexuality, brazen criminal activity and disturbing supernatural encounters, as well as more mundane topics like preening rock stars and sickeningly corrupt cops, you won't care much for "The Chronicles of Cadillac Dave." If, however, you are ready to step out of your complacent comfort zone and confront the stark and historically accurate reality of the nitty-gritty American experience during the turbulent Youth Revolution, then fasten your seat belt and settle in for a long, rough ride with fugitive "Alias" Dave Jackson, AKA Cadillac Dave.